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Cute Relationship Quotes

Who doesn’t love a good quote? While it’s just a short phrase, it can say a lot. It can be hard to put your feelings and emotions into words, and that’s why we’ve collected a bunch of relationship quotes that describe that feeling of a “cute” relationship.

It’s a funny comparison to make, but there’s a big difference between cute and romantic. Whereas romantic borders on intensity and passion, cute is a little bit loftier than that. It’s floaty like a cloud. You might say that when you and your partner are feeling really cute together, you two do kind of feel like two clouds, floating around each other, bouncing around, feeling gitty and excited and loving how easy it is to adore one another.

Basically, feeling cute is like feeling like a cloud. That’s pretty accurate, right?

Well, if it’s not, here are a bunch of cute relationship quotes for you to better describe your relationship with. Make sure to send the one that really gets you to your partner!

  1. You can stay, but your clothes must go.
  2. Waking up with you is the best to start the day!
  3. I fall in love with you a little more every day I see you.
  4. You are the main ingredient to my recipe for happiness.
  5. You + Me = The Bestest
  6. You + Me + Bed + Cuddles - Alarms = Happiness


  7. You are my favorite adventure.
  8. In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not think of you.

    ~Virginia Woolf

  9. I get lost in time when I kiss you.
  10. My favorite place in the world is in your arms.
  11. I'll never finish falling in love with you.
  12. I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over again. Without hesitation, without a pause, you will always be my first choice and the best choice.
  13. So many of my smiles begin with you
  14. I'm glad I have someone like you that makes me smile even when you aren't around.
  15. When I want to smile, all I do is close my eyes and think of you.
  16. You are my greatest adventure

    ~The Incredibles

  17. I didn't fall in love with you because I was lonely or lost. I fell in love with you because after getting to know you, I realized that I wanted to make you a permanent part of my world.
  18. I plan on bugging you every day for the foreseeable future.
  19. I'm cold. It's time to cuddle.
  20. The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly.
  21. You're the cutest thing I ever did see. Really love your peaches, wanna pick your tree.

    ~Steve Miller, Steve Miller Band